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Can their countries survive?

Do the countries of Adidas Union, Golexa, Plexania, and San Dania have what it takes to survive? As the leaders of their countries, ‘Ewa Beach pbHTA fourth and fifth graders were responsible for ensuring they had adequate food, clothing, industry, shelter, and education. They had the materials to create these economic necessities — but not enough. So they needed to trade between countries to meet their needs. Let the negotiations begin!
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The students were given limited resources to meet the needs and wants of their country. While some had all of the tools they needed, others had very limited resources. What will humans do in order to succeed? Students quickly applied their critical thinking skills as they collaborated to help their group and other groups be successful. While independence is crucial, it is equally imperative to recognize the significance of interdependence.

Mrs. Mohammadi, G4&5 pbHTA teacher

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