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Hawai‘i’s largest public charter school

YES, we are a public charter school, so there is no tuition!

Yes, our blended program is K-12 — with the exception of our Kaua‘i campus, which currently serves grades 6-12.

Our fully virtual Distance Learning program is for grades 4-12.

Nearly everywhere in Hawai‘i! We have campuses on Oʻahu, Kaua‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i Island.

We also have a separate Distance Learning that is fully virtual — this is for grades 4-12 and students from five islands currrently attend this program.

No. And, yes. Please read on so we can explain! In our blended program, students split their time between on-campus days, online class days, and independent days. But our separate Distance Learning program IS fully virtual. The blended and Distance Learning programs are independent of each other, with their own enrollments and schedules.

Yes. We have been WASC-accredited since 2013. 

Charter schools are independently-operated Hawai‘i State Department of Education public schools that have the freedom to design education that meets their students’ needs.

In the words of our ‘ohana: the teachers • flexibility • entrepreneurial energy • Field Studies • extraordinary learning environment • convenience • maintains family lifestyle • no bullying • individualized support • open channels of communication




Our schedules provide flexibility and promote independence

Blended learning uses a mix of delivery methods and locations. Some days students are on campus with their teachers and peers. Some days they are taking virtual classes at home with their Learning Coach as support. And other days they are engaged in independent or experiential learning out in the community.

​Yes. School is definitely five days a week. A student’s weekly schedule varies, depending on island, grade level, and academic needs. Our campus pages plus our admissions videos and guidebooks provide more specific information on days and times. 

Yes. Depending on grade level, there are scheduled days every week when our blended program students meet their teacher/s and peers on Zoom.

Please note, the blended program is different from our Distance Learning program, which is fully virtual.

These are independent learning days. In elementary school, students engage in online and/or teacher-created lessons from home. This is one area where the Learning Coach role is particularly important. Middle and high school students will also have assigned or independent work. High school students may also use this time to explore with our Career-Based Learning program

Teachers and advisors can be reached five days a week during normal school hours, and are available for face-to-face or virtual meetings when support is needed.

There are many!

Our blended schedule helps our students develop the independence and tech skills that they will need when they step beyond high school.

Students can work at the pace that suits them best. For example, virtual classes are recorded, giving a valuable opportunity to review.

And it gives us all time. 

Our teachers have time to be innovative and to focus on students’ independent needs.

Our families have time to spend together.

Our students have time to pursue their passions. HTA students are leaders, scholars, scientists, artists, and athletes. They build radio telescopes, write award-winning essays, go viral with their talents, take care of the ‘āina, take college-level classes, win music and dance scholarships … and the HTA schedule supports these endeavors.


HTA campuses on the four main Hawaiian islands


We also offer Hawai‘i’s largest fully virtual program for grades 4-12

We offer a fully virtual program for Grades 4-12. This program operates separately from our regular blended program campuses. We launched the program in 2022 in response to continued demand following the pandemic school closures and we currently enroll more than 200 students across five islands.

Schedules vary by grade level. Some days our Distance Learning students have live scheduled classes with their teachers and peers. Other days they are working on independent assignments with their Learning Coaches or are out in the field. And some days there may be individual or small-group tutoring for those who need extra help. 

Our admissions videos and guidebooks provide specific information on days and times by grade level.

There are students who absolutely thrive in the virtual environment. For some students and families, learning at home is just a more comfortable fit than coming to a campus; it eliminates commute times; and frees up family time. Distance learning allows students to grow and learn in a more independent setting. It can also offer greater school-life balance by giving students the time to pursue interests outside the regular classroom. Our students take advantage of this to really develop their interests and find their own unique paths to success.

HTA has been a leader in virtual education in Hawai‘i since we opened our doors in 2008, so we know how to make online classes engaging. Teachers may use interactive whiteboards, polls and quizzes, live chat, guest speakers, video and audio streaming, breakout rooms, and more.

While all of the classes in our program are virtual, we know it is essential to develop a sense of belonging and community with our students. Our Distance Learning students get together in person once a quarter for fun community days. These events are held on O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i Island. These get-togethers forge bonds that really carry over into our online classes. Our Distance Learning students can also join some of the social opportunities available on our blended learning campuses, such as clubs, holiday festivities, movie nights, or dances.

It is important to know that you need to commit to the full academic year in the Distance Learning program. Due to scheduling differences, it is not possible to switch mid-year with our blended learning program on our physical campuses.


Students from five islands in our Distance Learning program


Parents and/or guardians play a unique and important role in the HTA model

Every student has a Learning Coach, who is typically a parent or guardian, although third-party Learning Coaches can be assigned.

The Learning Coach role varies with the individual student and grade level, but ultimately you start as co-teacher and facilitator on the days when your student is working from home. Your role becomes more of a guiding one during middle and high school as you ensure your child is staying on track. You also need to be available to get your child to campus on their class days, when student support is required, and to Field Study sites. 

You do not need to be an educator to be a Learning Coach; HTA provides training that supports you in this role.

Students and Learning Coaches can reach out to their teachers and advisors on their independent work days. Teachers can be reached five days a week, during normal school hours, and are available for face-to-face or virtual meetings to offer support. 

Yes, at the start of every school year we hold Learning Coach workshops. Among other things, these introduce you to HonuHub, our school information system, as well as Canvas, which is where students and Learning Coaches access assignments, class announcements, academic feedback, and grades. These workshops are required for new Learning Coaches — returning parents are also more than welcome to attend.

We love our HTA ‘Ohana Committees! Our HOC parents are the lifeblood of many of our campus events from pizza lunches to evening socials.

The Five Cores are character, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

These are the things we believe to be important.  Our Five Cores could also be called the employability skills, as they represent the essential attributes that students need to be successful in school, life, and the workplace.


traditional classroom + unique schedules + EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

​Engaging! You will see students, teachers, and staff all working together. Students are in classes as per a typical school. Teachers often use these days for small group discussions, hands-on activities, and supplemental instruction. We are a close-knit community; every child is supported and we believe you can feel that energy when you come on campus.

We believe that people learn best by doing. Hands-on experiences help students make connections between themselves and the world and show them how they can make a difference in the world. We do this through our class projects, our Field Studies, and our high school Career-Based Learning program

This is when students learn in an environment outside of the traditional classroom. Place-based learning helps students develop a deeper understanding of their curriculum material. Our teachers harness this through our Field Studies and special project-based initiatives. At HTA we are also pushing the envelope with our pbHTA program, which is offered on Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, and Maui. In pbHTA, students spend more of their time learning out on our community partner sites.

Core classes are math, language arts, science, and social studies. We are aligned with all Hawai‘i state Common Core standards. Our highly qualified teachers use a mix of curricular resources, which allows them to quickly modify, add, and subtract to meet the needs of their students. We use a learning platform called Canvas, which integrates all of our learning resources in a single place, making it simple for students and parents to access teacher-created curriculum and feedback.

HTA’s College and Career Counselor works with students and their families to map out a best-fit plan for each individual. Whether on a career track or a college route, our goal is to highlight students’ individual strengths and skill sets as they embark on a journey to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our innovative high school Career-Based Learning program allows students to explore different careers while gaining valuable skills and earning credit. 

Students can get ahead by taking Running Start classes, which allow them to challenge themselves and earn both high school and college credit.

Plus students can participate in student leadership, community service, and the National Honor Society.

Correct. The “technology” in our name means that we embrace technology as a means to help us learn and communicate and prepare for life beyond school. HTA students are learning the tech skills that are used in today’s global job market, but they are headed for careers in all areas.

Today’s technology affords many opportunities, but it also poses challenges. At HTA we are expanding our classroom conversations in digital wellness and citizenship. In the 21st century, this material must be on the same priority level as math, science, and humanities.

We want every child to succeed. Our schedule is designed so that teachers have dedicated time to work with students either individually or in small-group settings to target areas where they need extra assistance. These sessions may be on campus or online and they are required if a student’s grades fall below a certain point.


HTA’s Highly Qualified Teachers



Fostering a close and supportive culture

​Oh yes, we like to have fun! Each division has scheduled events, such as movie nights, game nights, school dances, or prom. Our diverse clubs allow students to cultivate teamwork and leadership skills, have fun, and make a difference in the world. And, depending on campus and grade level, there are some opportunities for travel to the neighbor islands and further abroad to meet and collaborate with students with similar interests.

​Absolutely! We have a variety of extracurricular opportunities for students in all grade levels. Our elementary schools offer enrichment classes, often before and after regular school hours. Our middle and high schools also offer enrichment/clubs in the areas of the sciences, arts, social issues, or sports. Middle and high school students also have the opportunity to participate in student government. High school students can apply for the National Honor Society. HTA students compete in events such as school-sponsored science fairs, math competitions, robotics competitions, spelling bees, and more.

Every middle and high school student belongs to an advisory class that meets throughout the year. Advisory helps build belonging and purpose, and advisory teachers are advocates for their students. Our advisory teachers know some fun team-building games. Grade 12 advisory also focuses on preparing for the steps after high school.

We pride ourselves on our campus culture. HTA students will tell you that this is a no-bullying zone. Every campus has a dedicated counselor who works with administrators and family to create a safe, inclusive, and supportive school community where students can grow personally and acquire positive social skills and values.


HTA students from grades 6-12 who report feeling safe at school, compared to the state average of 55 percent



Computers, lunches etc.

Yes, we do have an optional computer loan program. You will receive information on this during admissions and enrollment.

HTA requires all families to have at least one computer that meets the minimum specifications necessary to access online curriculum, virtual classrooms, and HonuHub. High school students should have access to a personal computer that is not shared with other family members or siblings. A broadband internet connection is required for all HTA students, and high-speed internet is required for the Distance Learning program. In addition, families must have access to a printer and a scanner, or a scanning application on a mobile device.

We do not. Students bring their own packed lunches for their on-campus days. There are microwaves available on campus for student use; however, please be aware that there can be a line to use these. Our high school division also has an open campus policy, whereby students can go off campus for lunch.

Due to our blended schedule, HTA does not have its own athletics teams; however, high school students who meet academic and attendance requirements are able to participate in athletics at their neighborhood public high school. Our flexible schedule is a drawcard for many students because it gives them more time to manage their significant practice and competition schedules. We are proud of our many students who excel in their extracurricular activities, which include surfing, golf, gymnastics, dance, tennis, and more.