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Required documents

This is a list of the documents you will need to apply and then to complete enrollment if you gain a seat. We recommend getting these documents ready ahead of time if possible to help expedite your enrollment. All files must be scanned as pdf documents, thank you.


Deadline: 4 p.m. March 6, 2024


Must be attached to the residence and dated within the last 60 days.

Acceptable documents (one required)
> Mortgage statement, rental agreement, or current real property assessment document in the parent/guardian’s name with current address.

> Utility bill statement: water, gas, electric, cable, or landline telephone bill in the parent/guardian’s name with current address.

> If the parent/legal guardian cannot provide documentation of legal residence because the parent/legal guardian is living with a relative/friend, a notarized statement by the relative/friend can be accepted with the following requirements:

(a) Notarized statement must state that the parent/legal guardian and child are living with the relative/friend;
(b) Notarized statement must state the name of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence;
(c ) Notarized statement must state the same address of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence;
(d) A copy of the relative/friend’s proof of residency documentation must be attached to the notarized statement; and
(e) Notarized statement must be signed by the relative/friend listed on the proof of legal residency. The proof of residence form when the bill holder is not the parent or guardian can be found here.

> Military/Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders: Military Orders will only be accepted as a placeholder. Proof must be provided within 14 days of arrival on island.


If you are offered admission after the lottery, you will have two business days to accept the offer, and then 10 business days to submit the following forms and documents to complete enrollment. Please supply PDFs.


> Legible copy of the original birth certificate or a certified copy are acceptable for enrollment. If certification is on the back, both sides of the original birth certificate must be uploaded.
> All birth certificates in a foreign language must be translated by a state-approved institution or person if no passport or visa is available.
> If birth certificate is not available, then a visa or passport may be used to verify birthdate and legal name, but parents need to submit other proof of legal parent relationship.


All students enrolling in a Hawai‘i school for the first time must have the following documents.
Students who have not completed these requirements by the first day of school will not be allowed to attend school until these requirements are met. Approval of all heath record items is conditional on review and final approval of the Health Aide.

> Tuberculosis (TB) clearance
Proof of TB clearance is required. An appointment card will not be accepted as a placeholder for TB test results.


> Student Immunizations & Physical
A completed Hawai‘i Student Health Record (Form 14) or Immunization Record, click here for form.

This includes:
Physical examination (P.E.)
For students entering grades K-6 and 8-12: A physical examination must be completed within one year before first attending school in Hawai‘i and must be performed by a U.S. licensed physician, APRN, or PA.
Students entering grade 7 need an updated physical: Beginning with the school year 2019-20, a physical examination must be completed within one year before entering Grade 7 and attending school in Hawai‘i. Physical must be performed by a U.S. licensed physician, APRN, or PA.


> A signed statement or medical appointment card from the student’s doctor to prove the student is in the process of completing immunizations or the physical exam.
> A Religious or Medical Exemption Form may be submitted (if applicable) for immunizations only. A sample form can be found here.


Students entering grades 1-9: Semester 1 and final report cards.
Students entering grades 10-12: Semester 1 and final report cards and transcript.
Homeschool: Most recent annual progress report or standardized test results as required.
Click here for a sample homeschool report card.

SPECIAL EDUCATION (if applicable)

504 Plan: Current or within last three years.
> IEP (Individualized Education Plan): Current or within last three years.

MEDICAL DOCUMENTS (if applicable)

Upload required medical documents (e.g. Self Administration of Medication Form for the use of EpiPen and Inhaler, Request to Store and Administer Medication etc.)
> Click here for sample of self-administration of medication form
> Click here for sample of store and administer medication form
> Click here for diabetes care/insulin form

McKINNEY-VENTO form (required)

If you are currently in a homeless situation such as living in a hotel, tent, beach, vehicle, shelter or even a relative’s home due to a financial loss, your child may be eligible for certain educational rights or services under the McKinney-Vento Act. For more information on the McKinney-Vento form or to see if you qualify, please contact our office.


The media release form on HonuHub will let us know if you do or do not wish for your child to be photographed or filmed by HTA, members of the media, organizations or agencies at school, for use in print or internet publications, documentaries, films or video, to the extent that the school can prevent such contact. Note: This does not include videotaping by security cameras in school.


HTA does not participate in the National School Lunch Program; however, we offer the Application for Reduced Fees to determine if your family would otherwise qualify. Families that qualify can see a reduced deposit amount for HTA’s Computer Loan program, reduced cost for Field Studies, student fee, fee waivers, internet reimbursements, and more. You will be able to apply for this during or after the enrollment process.

LEGAL DOCUMENTS (if applicable)

This pertains to the entire family. If you have legal documents pertaining to a specific child, you can upload that under Student Documents.

> Power of Attorney if the child is not living with the parents (must be renewed annually and have an expiration date). Click here for a sample Power of Attorney document.
> Restraining Order
> Guardianship documents
> Legal name change
> Court orders