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A view on Distance Learning
Chyanne K, Class of 2026

Chyanne recently attended our Kaua‘i campus, but this year she moved herself and her horses to Maui. She is now enrolled in our Distance Learning program and enjoying the ranch life. She created this photographic work for her Career-Based Learning project.

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A view on distance learning

There are never dull moments when you're a distance learning student and live on a ranch. Distance learning gave me the opportunity this year to move islands and be closer to rodeo and ranching. Because my classes are virtual, I can be at home and do fast jobs on the ranch before or during school.

This is school for me. With a laptop, phone, and camera I can still do class while I travel back and forth between the islands.

I do rodeo.

There are many different events: barrels, poles, goats, breakaway, team roping, and double mugging. I don’t really have a favorite event — for me it often depends on what’s going well on the day. 

I compete wherever there’s a rodeo — mostly on Maui because I live there now, but I also travel to compete on the Big Island and Kauaʻi.

Rodeo has taught me so many lessons in life. It makes me do things in areas where I don’t feel strong. That way I get to turn weaknesses into strengths.

The bay horse you see in the front is named Pistol. He is my main barrel and pole horse. He doesn’t eat carrots, he likes to be ridden around in the arena, and he loves his job, which is barrels and poles.

The cremello horse you see beside him is Lucky. He is my main roping and goat horse, and he doesn’t like to share his food.

These two horses are my babies, they have taught me things, and have grown with me in rodeo.

In school, my favorite class is digital photography —  I love to take photos, so now I’m learning how to take them correctly, too. For my Career-Based Learning project, I have spent the semester documenting my school and ranch life.

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