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Waipahu re-masters

Check out these A-MAZING artworks from our Drawing and Painting 2 students.

Just wow! Miss Monette’s high school drawing and painting class studied famous artwork across history and then recreated a chosen piece — but with a modern twist. Those twists included not just 21st century media, but keen new perspectives based on today’s society and our place in the world.
Arina G
Sandro Botticelli
Arina G, Class of 2026
Colored pencil

This drawing is a modern twist on the famous painting, “The Birth of Venus,” by Sandro Botticelli. In the remake, Venus is portrayed arriving into the modern world. She is greeted by many people, all seeking to change or influence her. This symbolizes the arrival of any person into the world — their soul starts off as pure and innocent, only to be influenced by the outside world, offering it entertainment, fame, and materialism.

Jasper M
Katsushika Hokusai
Jasper M, Class of 2027

This drawing is a modern twist on the famous “The Wave off Kanagawa,” by Katsushika Hokusai. I used traditional comic book methods such as Ben-Day dots and halftones to make it look like modern Marvel comics. I also replaced the mountain in the background with Diamond Head and added one of my original characters surfing on the wave to connect it to modern Hawai‘i.

Shelsea C
Yokoyama Taikan
Shelsea C, Class of 2025

This drawing is a modern twist on the famous “Quail” by Yokoyama Taikan. This modern interpretation incorporates a native Hawaiian plant called ‘ōhi‘a lehua and a native Hawaiian bird, the Hawaiian honeycreeper. Some recognizable parts of my remix are the same layout and colors as the original.

Hazel B
Vincent Van Gogh
Hazel B, Class of 2025
Acrylic paint, fine-line pens

This drawing is a modern twist on the famous “Flowers in a Blue Vase,” by Vincent Van Gogh. I remade this piece much more defined than the original, in a cartoon style. I also added more vibrant colors, along with shadowing to create more of a sense of place.

Miss Monette says she is always impressed by the passion and creativity HTA students bring to their artwork. Through this project, they evaluate the function of art in different cultures and historical periods as well as analyze  

common characteristics across time periods and cultural groups to identify influence.

The excitement and engagement these pieces sparked among students and staff alike vividly demonstrated the impact of their innovative visions,” she says.

Inspired? Ready to sign up for an art class? Drawing and painting is available as a virtual elective as well as face-to-face on our Waipahu campus.